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Goa'uld Tutorial

Ever wonder how the people down at the Stargate offices make the actor's and actress's eyes glow in that sinister way. Well, here is a way that you, the common person, can do it without all the time and trouble of the expensive programs.
This tutorial will show you how to take an ordinary picutre and turn it into the supreme System Lord.

Well, first you need to take a picture of who you want to give a snake to, turn into a Goa'uld. I have chosen Cliff Simon, who plays Ba'al on SG-1 and my fav Goa'uld. You can use the picture below or one of your own.


Open the image in Adobe Photoshop CS. Create a new layer and call it "left eye". Use the polygonal lasso and go around the white of the left eye.  Next, fill it with FBFBE6, or another very light yellow. Then, deselect. You should have something like this.

Left eye

Create a new layer and call it "right eye". Do the same on the right eye that you did with the left. When finished, merge both layers by pressing ctrl+e but dont merge with background
You should end with with something like this-

Both eyes

Create new layer. Take the elliptical marquee took and create a small cirle around the inside of the left eye, about over the pupil. but leave space for the iris (to create a perfect circle click and hold down the shift key, then pull out a circle)
fill with the same color. Then do the same with the right eye. After you're done, merge down down again.
This is what is should look like.

Almost there

 You should have the background layer and Layer 1 or left eye. Select Layer 1or left eye and go into layer- layer style- blending options. Selct outer glow with these settings
-luminosity,opacity- 100%, noise-0%, softer, spread- 0%, size- 9px, range- 49%, jitter- 0%-
Once again, merge down.
Your final result should look something like this:

End Result

If anything seems confusing or you just cant get it to come out the way you want, please feel free to contact me and I'll try and help you work it out.

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